How to Achieve Your Wedding Budgeting Goals

Wedding budgeting is the all important first step in planning your wedding, these needs to be completed before everything else to avoid running into potential financial problems. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, but there is no need to put yourself into debt just so you can make it perfect. There are literally endless possibilities for cutting back on your wedding expenses. All you need is proper planning and the determination to stick to your budget.

To start your wedding budgeting the right way, you will have to first get a rough estimate of the total amount that needs to be set aside for the big day, by using a wedding budget calculator. Are the two of you going to cover the entire cost of the wedding or are you going to get some help from both families? Pool together all of the contributions if there are any, and come up with the total amount.

Break down the wedding expenses into different categories, then decide for yourself which areas are important enough to splurge and which ones you don’t mind cutting back on. Always remember to set aside a little extra for hidden expenses such as taxes, tip, dress alterations, overtime and other unexpected circumstances.

Having a really formal wedding will often be quite expensive; costs of everything from the venue to the food and dress are expected to put a dent in your wallet. A wonderful way to cut down on the costs will be to have a semi-formal or even casual wedding. If you don’t mind going with the less formal options, you will end up saving a lot of money.

As well as using a wedding budget calculator, another wedding budgeting tip for cutting back costs is to reduce the size of the guest list. The less people you invite, the smaller the venue, the less you will have to spend on catering, cake, wedding favors, invitations, etc. On average it will cost around $100 per guest, so just think how much money you will be saving once you start narrowing down the list. You can also make it a rule to eliminate the +1 option unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The wedding planning process involves dealing with many vendors, most of which cater exclusively to the wedding industry. However, these vendors tend to charge a lot more for their products or services, because they are expected to be able to handle all kinds of situations that might arise due to experience dealing with other weddings.

Vendors that specialize in weddings can often charge an obscene amount for items that can be bought for much less elsewhere. A great wedding budgeting tip is to shop at your local discount warehouse store for deep discounts on items such as jewelry, wedding invitations, flowers, cakes and some even have honeymoon travel packages at discount prices. Read more info coming from

Something else you might want to look into are all inclusive packages, which will typically combine the venue, catering, music, decorations and sometimes even photography and videography services. There is no need to seek out individual vendors which will save you both time and money.

There are many other wedding budgeting tips you can use to hold a less expensive wedding. Take a look at some examples of creative ways to save.

Music – Instead of hiring a band which includes pay for each member plus the cost of moving the equipment, you can hire a DJ or even hook up your laptop to the speakers and create your own wedding mix.

Food – Food is a very important part of the reception, but it doesn’t have to be too extravagant, limit the number of courses served and choose menu options that are both in season and grown locally.

Beverages – Open bars can be extremely expensive, choose a signature drink instead and limit the amount served for each table.

Photography – As an alternative to hiring a professional wedding photographer, you can give out disposable cameras and have friends and family capture the best moments for you.

Flowers – Avoid exotic flowers, choose flowers that are in season and are commonly found in local flower shops

Wedding Cake – The cake that your guests end up eating does not necessarily have to be the same cake used in your photographs. Instead of ordering an over the top cake, choose one that is smaller and serve your guests sheet cake that’s designed to match.

Wedding Budgeting GoalsWedding Dress – If you have a wedding dress that was passed down in the family, you can have it altered to create a totally unique and modern design. You can also shop at bridal emporiums and get a ready to wear wedding dress in your exact size to avoid the cost of alterations at expensive bridal boutiques.

Rent & Borrow – There are many things that do not necessarily have to be bought for the wedding, if there is a possibility of renting or borrowing then go with that option instead.

Do It Yourself – Be resourceful and get your loved ones to help out. A lot things can be done by yourself, it’s becoming more and more popular to DIY wedding invitations, decorations for the reception, hair and makeup, floral arrangements, and even the wedding cake.

Wedding Website – A wedding website can be useful in a number of ways, from managing your RSVPs to informing your guests about important details of your wedding. Plan your own wedding easily with this handy tool and use it as a virtual photo album to share with friends and family instead of having actual photographs printed and sent.